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I Say Nothing

Well come on, step a little closer

Bend your head like you do me a proposal

I like it when you read between the lines

These little black dots don’t lie

I say nothing


The sun is moving all around

Leaving bloodstains on the ground

I must run, to bandage its wounds

But it’s never done

And I say nothing


I’ll keep my mouth shut

For those who’ll listen

I’ll stare at your shoes they’ll keep you feet in prison

But alright, there you go

You just keep on moving

And let me be slow


Sometimes I will stare at my ceiling

It gives me this warm and retarded feeling

Devotion, a physical release of this emotion

I will say nothing


Little daughter

Where do you go

I sit here all day watching the slaughter of Godot

I like doing this and listen,

Observing you and my metabolism

I say nothing

© 2021  Friends of Yori

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