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He said; ‘carve all your edges and polish the stone

you’ll get many friends, you won’t end up alone’

It’s just like sugar, we crave it each day

I’m tired of that poison, poisoning my brain


I’m waiting on a song to speak to me

can’t hear a thing through the noise

of you breaking all my broken bones

you left me hanging with no choice


He said; ‘if you want millions then just follow me

I know the way baby I split the sea.

The world just wants to see your long hair’

I said; ‘oh well thank you but I can’t really care cause


I’m not waiting on a deal to break me

to get my heart broken again

to show you that it’s real

I will not surrender

to songs that I don’t feel


The sun will rise and go down again

what’s hot tonight will be cool tomorrow

and you want me follow but the orbit goes too fast

see I’ll end up so hollow, with no future or a past


I will wait here

On a song to save me a wave to take me home

I’m just a sailor riding on a six string 

Ani’s 32 flavours, and then some more.

© 2021  Friends of Yori

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